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Required Legal Documents

Ensure a seamless legal process with our clear guide on the Required Legal Documents, making your journey to marital bliss smooth and stress-free.

Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements

Section 42 of the Marriage Act requires certain documents to be produced to the authorised celebrant before the marriage is solemnised, in particular, evidence of the date and place of birth of each party.

Identification Requirements

Identification Requirements

Birth Certificate,  Australian or foreign passport, Current Driver’s Licence or learner’s permit,  Current Proof of Age Card or evidence of age card can be used for identification. 

Foreign documents must be accompanied by translation papers.

Evidence of Death or Divorce

Evidence of Death or Divorce

If a party to a marriage has previously been legally married, evidence of the party’s divorce, or of the death of a party’s spouse is required. 

If a party has been divorced in Australia, the authorised celebrant will need to sight court evidence of the decree upon dissolution of the marriage.

Couples Requirement Checklist

Form 1

Streamline your wedding preparations with our Couples Requirements Checklist—your essential guide for ID requirements, song choices, witness arrangements, and those special moments that make your day uniquely yours

Order of Ceremony

Form 2

Shape your perfect ceremony with our Order of Ceremony form, a comprehensive guide mapping out the layout and customisable elements for a truly personalised and memorable celebration.

Notice of Intended Marriage

Form 3

The Notice of Intent to Marriage NOIM is the legal form that is required to be completed at least 1 month before the wedding and no more than 18 months before the wedding date.

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